'Chris can throw the Revolution around to capture important stunt beats from 'Conan the Barbarian' to Stallone's 'The Tomb', both in Steadicam mode and Handheld modes...' - David Leitch 2nd Unit Director

Steadicam Equipment List

2 x MK-V Revolution system - Hand Held AR with Roll MoCo Box

GPI-Pro Arm

2 x MK-V Nexus Camera Stabilisation System

2 x Klassen Back Mount Vests

2 x NEBTEK Digital Monitors

2 x Transvideo Ultrabrite LCD

Preston MDR-1 FiZ Remote Follow Focus

Canatrans Analogue TX/RX & Modulous 3000 TX

CamWave HD Video Link TX/RX

30 x Batteries including PAG + Bellian

Handsfree Transporter

MK-V (AR) Revolution available for rental Los Angeles, USA.