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Welcome to the future of camera Stabilization

This website has been designed by Chris McGuire to enable both Operators and Production (Directors & DP’s), to gain independent information about the MK-V AR system.

The system requires a new skill, an evolution of Steadicam operation. The benefits of the AR are described and Chris will endeavor to up-date this site with footage shot with the AR and also photographs illustrating scenarios and AR Camera set-ups.

If there are any questions regarding the potential of the system do not hesitate to contact me at; chris@ar-mcguire.com US cell: +1 6618397432 / UK cell: +44 7831464407

Latest News

Ironman 2

AR used on Ironman 2 exclusively on the fight between the USAF Droids, Ironman & War-Machine using the Beaucam and ARRI 435.